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This website is dedicated to the students of FAZAIA SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES. However its free for all.Anyone can register , upload MCQs , or search for MCQs.The is the simplest site ever which provides services regarding MCQs.The goal of is a little effort to collect and share multiple choice questions according to syllabi of different boards and universities in Pakistan so that you can practice and test your knowledge on any given topic.We will try to cover as much aspects of every topic making it a complete platform to prepare your competitive exams. The multiple choice questions are presented in a simple format. You can also comment on any question and discuss it with other users. Mcqs in are collected from text books prepared by the experienced teachers with reference to subject,level, page no and toptic wheather from the Tests or Previous Examinations of different schools,colleges ,Boards,Universities or any other Job Exam in specific subject .You are welcome to contribute the multiple choice questions to and help us make the site more effective and useful. Kindly feel free to give us your valuable suggesions to improve our website by clicking on the Contact link below.

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Multiple Choice Questions

For Maths and Science so far ,it is not easy to write mathematical and scientific terms directily, therefore just write what is in English Language. or have some pain for others.

Write the most relevant and up to the mark mcqs.

You just write and upload mcq but you do not know who will get most of it,so think for others.

Options should be relevant to the question.

Details of Writing Urdu

For urdu writing, download and install Pak Urdu Installer keyboard and urdu fonts such as Nataleeq

Details of Writing Mathematics

For non expert users please write simple maths just in English.Do not use mathematical symbols.

But if you are keen and want to write beautiful mathematical mcqs , then follow the instructions below.

For Maths and Science symbols and equations download MathType and follow the following instructions.

MathType is an application programme in which you can type mathematical equations but never just copy and paste in input field . Follow the instructions below.

  1. Install MathType
  2. Open MathType
  3. Write some equation or math symbol
  4. Go to preferences
  5. Click on copy and cut preferences
  6. Select MathML or TeX
  7. From options select Latex 2 or later
  8. Uncheck MathType data in translation
  9. Click ok

Now write any mathematical equation or symbol in MathType . Symple copy and paste.And upload your mcqs

Mathematical layout will be beautiful if you paste code first on ms word document and remove one $ sign from both sides left and right.Then copy and paste in the input field and upload .

Its all

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