Prince Charles takes risk of using his ‘position’ to accept donations

Prince Charles takes risk of using his ‘position’ to accept donations

Prince Charles has been making waves with accusations of him receiving donations from the Bin Laden family as a senior journalist said that he  has ‘risked degrading the monarchy’.

In her piece for Daily Mail, Kate Mansey weighed in on the series of allegations against the Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation in the past year.

Kate noted that Charles’ “ambitions for his charitable empire grew, so did his desire for the cash to fund it.”

“Desperate to make his mark as a lifelong King-in-waiting, he expended ever more energy on trying to secure his legacy,” she wrote.

The journalist continued: “It seems Charles’s sons William and Harry had their suspicions about the ever-expanding tentacles of their father’s charitable kingdom some time ago. Rather than join him, they established their own foundation at Kensington Palace.”

Kate noted that Prince Harry distanced himself from Charles’ associates “having reportedly raised ‘major concerns’ in an email”.

The journalist claimed that Charles is taking a ‘risk’ by “using his position to draw in money for his pet projects.”

She added: “For it’s not his fundraising that is the problem. It is his willingness to degrade his office in exchange for cash for causes that he – and he alone – considers worthy.”

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