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Environmental samples have tested negative for the poliovirus in Rawalpindi.

Health authorities’ incessant efforts have put an end to poliovirus in the garrison city in the last one year.

District Health Authority Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Lubna Ishaque said that the results of environmental samples to determine the presence of the poliovirus had been tested negative for the last one year.

District Health Authority officials said that environmental samples were taken from different areas every month to confirm the presence of poliovirus.

Dr Lubna said that the environmental samples are taken from two sites every month to confirm the presence of the poliovirus.

She said that samples collected were sent for laboratory tests, and the results were continuously tested negative, indicating that Rawalpindi was free from poliovirus.

Dr Lubna said that the provincial health department had lauded the District Health Authority for launching the antipolio drive continuously to eradicate the virus and declared district Rawalpindi the most minor risk area for the deadly virus spread.

 She said that no polio case had been detected in Rawalpindi.

 According to health officials, a sample is deemed negative if the poliovirus is not found in sewage.

They said that sewage samples are the basic parameter to determine if polio vaccination campaigns have been successful.

A polio case can be reported in any city because of the frequent movement of people from one city to another, but if the virus is found in sewage it means the vaccination campaign did not meet its target, they said adding that the presence of polio in sewage also shows that the immunity of local children has fallen and they are at risk.

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