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TikTok is planning to launch mini-games for its users which can be played inside the app and be discovered through the creator’s videos. The new gaming policy was launched just a few weeks ago with partners including Vodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, Aim Lab, and Lotum.

Tech Crunch reports that the news came right after TikTok decided to expand into the HTML5 gaming experience after testing an exclusive game ‘Disco Loco 3D’, with gaming giant Zynga last November. The company is aiming to create casual mobile gaming that will be available in Apple and Google Stores.

The mini-games will be found when posting a video to the platform, and choosing to add a link to a variety of experiences using TikTok Jump for external content like Buzzfeed Recipes and Rotten Tomato Ratings for a movie. Games will be found in the same section before finally publishing the video, and will appear as an anchor above the username on the video, allowing viewers to click and play the game.

Some of the games to be launched by TikTok, include, Basketball FRVR (by FRVR), Tap the Difference (by Lotum), Peek a Who (by Nitro), Pride Run (by Voodoo), Influencer Run (by Voodoo), Space Destroyer (by Nitro), and Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare (by Aim Labs).

While TikTok hasn’t confirmed the news of its mobile gaming pilot, a spokesperson did relay that the company had begun testing in various global markets some weeks ago. Games aren’t currently being monetized through ads or in-app purchases, but the pilot is seeking to see how the community interacts with the games and to what extent will they create content around it.

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