Chris Rock ‘crossed the line’ with Nicole Simpson’s murder joke: Sister

Chris Rock ‘crossed the line’ with Nicole Simpson murder joke: Sister

Chris Rock has come under fire from Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister for likening his brutal murder to slapping Will Smith and using it as a joke during his stand-up gig.

Nicole’s sister, Tanya Brown, a mental health advocate and motivational speaker, slammed the comedian for “crossing the line” by making a joke about such a horrific crime.

In an interview with TMZTanya said the joke not only wasn’t funny, it didn’t make any sense, adding that equating the Oscars slap in the face with a double murder is like comparing “apples to oranges”.

She went on to tell the outlet that the pain of her sister’s horrific murder is still fresh for their family and that jokes like this are an attempt at nasty humor.

Tanya added that the Everybody Hates Chris star should be held accountable for her sticky taste, the publication reported.

Later, in an Instagram post, Tanya wrote, “Nothing is nicer than waking up on a Tuesday morning (not) to TMZ calling you saying Chris Rock made an awful ‘joke’ about Nicole .”

“BEYOND bad taste!” she added. “Nothing funny about his prank on Jada because she suffers from a physical condition and nothing funny about equating an invitation to a host to the Oscars with a double homicide.”

“I always thought he was funny, but he crossed the line with this one. In other words, y’all!!!! Stop using my sister, OJ and Ron in your comedy number There are families behind this tragedy!

For the uninitiated, Chris referenced the 1995 incident during a stand-up show at the Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix on Sunday.

The comedian said he was asked to host the Oscars next year after he was punched onstage by Will Smith for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

He referenced the 1995 murder case, saying returning to the Oscars would be like asking Nicole “to go back to the restaurant” where she left her glasses before she was stabbed to death.

Nicole and a 25-year-old restaurant server, Ron Goldman, were mercilessly killed in 1995 and their bodies were found outside his home in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Chris Rock has

OJ Simpson, Simpson’s ex-husband and former American professional football player, was charged with the murders, but he was later acquitted of all charges.

Chris was also torn for his joke on Twitter when one user wrote, “The more Chris Rock talks the more you start to understand why Will Smith shot him.”

“#WillSmith should have slapped #ChrisRock even harder for the (expletive) he’s spitting,” one tweet read.

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