VIDEO: American news anchor experiences stroke on live TV

Julie Chin has a stroke live on TV. – Screenshot via Twitter

An American news anchor suddenly suffered a stroke on live television where she was seen fumbling for her words and was forced to end the show.

Julie Chin from Tulsa NBC Station KJRH was reporting on NASA’s postponed launch of Artemis-I when it suffered a stroke. She was suddenly unable to speak and couldn’t read on the teleprompter.

In the video posted to Twitter by NBCUniversal senior executive Mike Sington, Chin can be seen struggling to say her lines. “She is fine now but I wanted to share her experience to educate viewers on the warning signs of stroke,” Mike said in his post.

He said Chin realized something was wrong and quickly passed the check to the meteorologist. Colleagues on set called 911.

Initially, Chin can be seen resuming the broadcast despite stuttering. However, she soon realized that she was unable to read the script at all.

“I’m sorry, something happened with me this morning and I apologize to everyone,” she said as she passed on the broadcast to the weather team.

Meteorologist Annie Brown took over the show after Chin left, reported NDTV.

“We all have those days,” Brown said.

Later, Chin shared on Facebook that his health was perfectly fine. Doctors told the news anchor that she didn’t suffer from a real stroke, just in its early stages.

She added that the experience was dramatically sudden as she felt “good” before the show.

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