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Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has urged the establishment to stop the country and economy from “deteriorating” further, saying the people will hold him accountable if he fails to act.

“I know you’re neutral but people will hold you back [establishment] responsible for saving the country and the economy from this quagmire,” the former prime minister said during a speech at a public rally in Gujranwala on Saturday.

“The way this ‘imported government’ is dragging the country towards destruction, we may not be able to get out of this quagmire,” he said, adding that only early and fair elections could bring stability to the country. .

Imran said there was still time to pull the country out of this economic quagmire. “If the economy weakens further, national security will be at stake.”

He added: “We have to accept the pressure from foreign power. No country will come to save Pakistan except the 10 million Pakistanis overseas. All the country’s economic problems will be solved if we can attract their investment.

Speaking about his next phase of the “true freedom movement”, the PTI leader said he had written a letter to the party’s district organizations asking them to start preparations for the street protests.

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He urged the entire nation and party workers to prepare for “peaceful protests” across the country in a bid to force the PML-N-led coalition government to call snap elections.

Imran said that after the postponement of the by-elections, it was clear that the incumbents were “running away” from the snap elections.

“Without free and early elections, the economy will continue to sink… I will soon call for demonstrations. We must snatch freedom,” he added.

‘Contempt of court’

Imran Khan, the deposed Prime Minister, also announced the acceptance of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) verdict in the contempt of court case.

The PTI President said he has always respected the Islamabad High Court and IHC Chief Justice Athar Minhala for their wise rulings.

“I am not saying this because my case is being heard by the court, but I do acknowledge their judgments despite the fact that the court did not allow me to speak otherwise I may have the opportunity to present my point of view and to clarify my position”, he said and clarified that his remarks were not against the judge but on an alleged inhuman attitude against Shahbaz Gill who, according to him, was neither a killer nor a terrorist but severely tortured in jail.

He also released the video of Gill at the public rally and said his reaction was brutality against Shahbaz Gill.

The former prime minister also said those who plotted against his government are now trying to disqualify him. Dozens of cases, even of terrorism and blasphemy, have been registered against him.

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“Earlier, with the help of ‘Mr. X’ and teaming up with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the administration, the imported leaders tried their best to rig the July 17 by-election, but failed miserably. Now they ran for the by-elections just days ahead of schedule because they know defeating the PTI through the ballot would be impossible.

He asked the young people that he needed their support in his fight for true independence and stressed the need for the rule of law and justice in the country. “I am ready to sacrifice my life for the true independence of the country. Prison is a small thing if the country has achieved true independence,” added.

The head of the PTI reiterated that his government had been fired on the pretext of inflation. “In fact, the country’s economy has seen the highest growth in 17 years. The country’s exports were at the highest level. Remittances have reached record levels. The conspiracy was hatched against my government because I was unwilling to accept slavery from foreign powers. India was buying 40% cheaper oil from Russia, but Pakistan could not take advantage of this opportunity.

Earlier in a brief speech to the Gujranwala Bar Association, Imran said, “I need lawyers for my fight for real independence. The country is besieged by great thieves. The legal community has always worked on the rule of law in the country. Lawyers, like Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal, also worked for Pakistan’s independence. Now it is your duty to work for the true independence of the country. InshahAllah, we will work together for a true independence of the country.

PTI Vice President Shah Mahmood Qureshi, PTI Central Punjab President Dr. Yasmin Rashid, PTI Central Punjab Secretary General Hammad Azhar and other senior party leaders were present on the occasion.


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