Kamran Tessori’s return exposes rifts within MQM-P

The deputy head of MQM-P, Kamran Tessori. -Twitter
  • Senior member Dr Shahab Imam decides to resign from MQM-P after the return of Kamran Tessori.
  • Imam says several other MQM-P members are unhappy with the decision.
  • Sources say the committee called an important meeting on Sunday.

KARACHI: MQM-P’s Rabita committee reinstated Kamran Tessori as deputy leader on Saturday, leading to rifts within the Karachi-based party that have once again come to light.

Committee member Kishwer Zehra said the decision made by a few people was imposed on the rest of the members.

After Tessori returned, senior party member Dr. Shahab Imam decided to resign.

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He also claimed that several other MQM-P members are unhappy with the decision.

The Rabita Committee suspended the membership of Farooq Sattar and Tessori on February 5, 2018, by a two-thirds majority.

According to sources, the committee convened an important meeting on Sunday at 5 p.m. in a temporary office.

The sources said that all members are instructed to attend the meeting. The committee will discuss the differences between party members when Tessori returns.

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Members will present their opinions to Chief Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui regarding the decisions that are being made.

Sources in the party committee mentioned that according to the party constitution, a two-thirds majority is required for the election of the vice president.

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