Olivia Wilde breaks silence on why Florence Pugh isn’t defending her amid feud rumours

Filmmaker and actress Olivia Wilde has explained why actress Florence Pugh hasn’t been more vocal about her or their movie Don’t worry darling, on social media platforms.

In a new interview with vanity loungeOlivia reacted to a rumor of neglect from Florence.

“It is very rare for people to assume the best of women in power. I don’t think they often give us the benefit of the doubt. Florence did the job I hired her to do, and she did it exquisitely. She blew me away. Every day I was in awe of her and we worked very well together.”

“It’s ironic that now, with my second film – which is again about the incredible power of women, what we are capable of when we come together, and how easy it is to disempower a woman using other women to judge and shame them – we talk about that,” Olivia said.

Reacting to Florence’s silence about the film and Olivia, she said, “Florence is one of the most in-demand actresses in the universe. She’s on the set of Dune. I guess some people are expecting her to engage more on social media. I didn’t hire her to post. I hired her to play. She lived up to all the expectations I had of her. That’s everything that matters to me.”

“Florence’s performance in this film is astounding. I find it simply baffling that the media instead focuses on baseless rumors and gossip, overshadowing her profound talent. She deserves more than that. Just like the film, and all those who worked so hard for this.”

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