Prince Harry ‘trapped between two roles’

A royal commentator believes that Prince Harry has been split between his new role abroad and his old role as a royal.

Royal writer and photographer Ian Lloyd shared his opinion on Harry’s new roles, claiming that if the Duke of Sussex was not living across the pond in America, he would be “taking it in turns” with his brother Prince William to meet crowds of mourners.

The photographer, according to, claimed that Prince Harry’s “trapped” between his role as a family man and supportive brother to Prince William at this difficult time.

Mr Lloyd went on to speculate about how King Charles III their father must be feeling about his son’s rift, saying: “Prince Harry is trapped between two worlds, his new role and his life abroad and his old one as a member of the Royal Family .”

“If he wasn’t living abroad he would be here and they would be sharing their grievance, he would be taking it in turns with William to meet the crowds and so on, so he’s kind of lost that role and he is caught between two worlds. And I think as his father he must… Prince Charles must be concerned about that, you want to include both sons.”

And fellow Sky panellist Dawn Neesom noted it was nice of King Charles to mention Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in his first speech as the Monarch.

The former Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, will now be referred to as Prince and Princess of Wales.

BBC Breakfast reported on the fact that Welsh citizens are unsure about the use of the titles, though, and their support will come under question.

Ms Neesom told Sky News: “I think it was incredibly important that he did that, obviously, I think to talk about William and Catherine without mentioning Harry and Meghan would have seemed very odd.

However, over the next 10 days, the country will be mourning the Queen and Prince Harry is expected to stay in the UK until after the funeral. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex is also believed to be planning to join the Duke of Sussex at the funeral service.

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