Fake Minecraft updates pose threat to users | The Express Tribune

After massive growth in the gaming industry during the pandemic, gaming-related cyber threats and viruses are currently on the rise.

In a recent search According to a report by antivirus software company Kaspersky, low-tech games with larger audiences are a common target for scammers.

According to their report, Minecraft was used for around a quarter (25%) of detected malicious files. Minecraft topped the list of “TOP 5 PC games or series of games used as bait in attacks targeting the most users” as well as “TOP 5 mobile games that served as a decoy targeting the greater number of users.

Lily Roboteers, be ready

Although the number of Minecraft scams fell 36% from the previous year (23,239 to 36,336), the game remains a prime target for cyber threats.

According to Kaspersky antivirus software, from phishing scams to malware downloads, gamers should be aware of possible cyber threats.


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