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Corbyn spotted playing arcade game with hero that shoots Thatcher

Mr Corbyn played the game Thatcher’s Techbase at The World Transformed, which is a festival of “radical politics, art and culture” on Monday. 

The game’s creator Jim Purvis took photos of Corbyn playing the arcade shooter, and shared on Twitter that he “liked the game”. 

An Arcade Edition for Thatcher’s Techbase debuted at the festival to raise money for Living Rent, an organisation that campaigns for “safe, secure and affordable housing for everyone”. 

The game tasks players with grabbing “a high score against CyberThatcher’s hordes on real arcade hardware”. 


It sees players fight against an undead version of Thatcher.

The main protagonist descends into the 10th circle of hell, the United Kingdom, in order to battle against her.

In 2021, creator Jim Purvis told NME: “I’m from a town called Coatbridge – just outside Glasgow – that was badly affected by Thatcher’s infamous policies on heavy industry and social housing in the 1980s.

“I was born the year Thatcher left office, but her presence was felt throughout my childhood and even into my twenties and thirties.”

“Almost everyone I know was affected by the decisions of the Thatcher government in some way or another, and we’re still seeing her ghost all over the place in our current socio-political situation”.

He added: “She was a satanic figure in Scottish culture well before I turned her into a cybernetic demon.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to Ms Thatcher’s policies has been widely reported.

In 1990, when he was a backbench MP, Mr Corbyn challenged the former Prime Minister in the House of Commons over the “disgrace” of UK homelessness under her Government. 

The former Labour leader remains a party member but now sits as an independent MP after having had the whip withdrawn due to his response to an Equality and Human Rights Commission report into antisemitism in the party. 

But his predecessor Sir Keir Starmer is now facing renewed calls for Mr Corbyn to be allowed to stand as a Labour candidate at the next general election.

Some party delegates have forced a vote on the proposed rule change in an attempt to allow the MP for Islington North to be reselected as a Labour candidate.

Peter Talbot, of Islington North CLP, said: “We need a range of Labour candidates. We need to demonstrate that the Labour Party truly is a broad church. And that’s particularly important in relation to the thousands of young people that Jeremy brought into supporting Labour.”

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