Microsoft Teams to get sign language view | The Express Tribune

Microsoft Teams video conference feature has a separate sign language view on the platform, which can select up to two other participants’ videos to be fixed in a central location so that signers can be visible to every participant throughout the meeting.

The feature can be enabled for all meetings or on a meeting-by-meeting basis, along with assigned internal or external interpreters through the Accessibility tab in the app settings. The company, won’t however, provide sign language interpreters for app users.

Prioritized screen pins will be distinguishable from other pinned screens, even when a presentation is being shared, with a larger size and high video quality.

The feature is personal to users and won’t be universally applied to all participants if one has been pinned as a sign language view. The Accessibility preferences will let users make changes during calls with options available on a pane to access settings like turning on sign language view by default or pre-identifying preferred signers.

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The feature is available for trial on Public Preview, as the company claims that it might be available on Teams desktop and web clients for commercial and GCC customers in the upcoming weeks.

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