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Jeffrey Epstein wanted the Firm’s riches in exchange for Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew was reportedly a pawn in Jeffrey Epstein’s grand plan of extorting money out of the British Royal Family.

These revelations have been made by financial advisor John Bryan in his most recent admission to the Daily Mail.

He started by highlighting the ‘ultimate aim’ Jeffrey Epstein had for Prince Andrew and warned it included a blackmail assault on the monarch at the time, Queen Elizabeth, in order to bag money.

Mr Bryan began everything by admitting, “People always ask how Epstein made his money. He was supposed to be this tax wizard. But it was all a con.”

“He blackmailed rich men and then made them pay to avoid scandal. He made hundreds of millions of dollars this way.”

“Epstein tried to lure Andrew into his web, but I believe his ultimate mark was the Queen.”

“I believe Andrew is innocent. If he genuinely was involved in ‘orgies’ as has been alleged, then Epstein would have used that to try and bribe the Queen into paying out millions to protect her family. Andrew has never had any money. The Queen was the one with money.”

“I truly believe Epstein was going after her but Andrew never gave him the ammunition to do so.”

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