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Jungkook leaves a mark on audience as he performs ‘Dreamers’ at FIFA Worldcup Opening Ceremony

Jungkook wins the crowd as he performs on ‘Dreamers’ at FIFA Worldcup Opening Ceremony 

Jungkook, being his original, raw self, performed ‘Dreamers’ at FIFA Worldcup Opening Ceremony and wins the crowd all over again.

Dressed in black from head to toe, he made the crowd sing, dance and scream with him. As soon as the opening ceremony was live, Twitter erupted into praises for the much loved artist. Alongside Jungkook, Qatari singer Fahad Al-Kubaisi also performed.

Right after the performance, hashtags #Jungkook and #JungkookinQatar went viral. The song was officially launched before the ceremony and as Jungkook put up his electric show on the stage, the crowd went insane.

BTS is a globally loved singing group. It has won hearts all over the world through making meaningful music and bringing a splash of human emotions into their art. They are adored due to their quirky fashion sense as well as their raw and sincere music talent.

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