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Meghan Markle’s royal jewels branded ‘tiddly’ next to Kate Middleton’s ‘great pieces’

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are once again being compared by royal experts, this time over their personal collection of royal jewels, with an expert suggesting that Kate’s jewels are sure to be a ‘painful’ reminder to Meghan about her royal status.

Talking to News AU, royal expert Daniela Elser shared her thoughts on Kate’s choice of jewels for Remembrance Sunday last weekend, where she was seen wearing the Bahrain pearl and diamond drop earrings which she received from the late Queen herself.

The Princess of Wales also accessorized her look with a four-row pearl and diamond choker necklace.

Commenting on this, Elser said: “Now, on their own, Kate popping on jewels valued at more than the gross GDP of a small country is about newsworthy as finding out that King Charles has decided to launch an initiative to save an endangered breed of badger or Queen Camilla is busy trying to remember which state carriage, she left her favourite lighter in….”

“Where things get interesting is when you bring Meghan, Duchess of Sussex into the mix,” she added.

Sharing how Meghan also wore earrings she received from the late Queen to her funeral in September this year, Elser shared that there was a ‘vast’ difference between Meghan and Kate’s pieces.

She explained: “While Kate’s pair are honking great pieces that on anyone else you would assume are plastic fakes, they are so large, Meghan’s pair, while elegant and a very thoughtful gift from the late nonagenarian, are comparatively tiddly. In this case, size does matter. There is also the question of their history and significance.”

Elser then highlighted that Kate’s earrings were gifted to the Queen as a wedding gift by the ruler of Bahrain, thus having historical significance. Meanwhile, Meghan’s earrings have no such history attached, and were a gift to her from the Queen on her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. 

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