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Queen Elizabeth was saved from getting pulled into ‘full-blown constitutional crisis’

Boris Johnson had almost pulled Queen Elizabeth into a ‘full-blown constitutional crisis’ if civil servants and courtiers hadn’t hatched the plan to stop the former UK Prime Minister (PM).

The Sun reported that a journalist of The Financial Times described in his book how “a magic triangle” of officials had an emergency plan to stop Mr Boris from using Queen to call for an election.

The book claimed that it was decided that Sir Graham would immediately inform Buckingham Palace if Mr Boris gears up for a confidence vote within the Conservative Party.

The report further claimed that as per plan he would suggest that Queen Elizabeth make herself “unavailable that day”.

Had Boris tried to connect to the palace, he would have been told that the monarch “couldn’t come to the phone”.

The Sun however added that Boris’s pal said that the former PM knew that calling an election had no chance of succeeding.

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