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This pofile has been updated on :2020-06-20
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User Name:Nafees Ahmed

Nafees Ahmed  (teacher)



Marital Status:Yes


Employer Name: Nafees Ahmed

Job Title:Teacher

I am teaching in this institution since: 2013-09-07

Qualifications:Msc physics BSC pair maths physics

Major Subjects:Physics, Mathematics

I have teaching experience of:7 years.

Level of Teaching:Matric: grade 9 to 10, 11, 12

What I offer and expect

I would like to teach:Physics, mathematics

My Method of Teaching:Conceptual and purely defined using Bloom taxonomy

Fee Expected between:0 And 0in Rs.

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My name is Nafees Ahmed well I'm msc physics and BSC pair maths , physics. I would love to teach matric class as well as hsssc classes of maths and physics. I totally depend on myself during whole of my carrier. Note: Hard work is the key of success.

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